30 Day Productivity Challenge - Day 1

30 Day Productivity Challenge - Day 1
Today's astronomy picture of the day from Instagram. You may ask why and I answer because it looks sick. 😄

👋 Hey Friends,

happy new Year to all of you! 🎊 As 2023 ends and 2024 arrives most of us dream of changing our life some how to the better within the next coming 366 days. As this is a blog about nearly everything that interests me I want to share a journey that I am on starting today with Ali Abdaal‘s  30 Day Productivity Challenge .
Firstly I want to encourage you all to join me on this 30 Day Challenge. It doesn’t have much to do with astronomy but it teaches you scientific methods on how to be more productive and therefore do more of the things you care about
So lets make this year the best year of our lives by starting with challenging us for productivity for the next 30 days with the goal of creating live long habits.

Today is the first of January meaning it is the very first day of this incredible challenge. As Ali is a pure master of productivity he doesn’t want us to start of by writing tons and tons of goals and thinking about them for hours but rather sitting down and actually committing to the challenge. In order to be more productive we have to commit our minds to being more productive.
Commitment is the first step to taking definite action and that’s why I am writing this blog. Ali encourages us to either:

  1. Commit ourselves by saying: “I solemnly swear to complete the 30 Day Productivity Challenge and change my life forever.”
  2. Commit ourselves by writing: “I solemnly swear to complete the 30 Day Productivity Challenge and change my life forever.”
  3. Commit ourselves sharing our commitment. (That’s what I decided to do.)

But what do I do with commitment?

If you have now decided to commit yourself to the challenge you have taken an incredible action step today because you believe you are able to change. With this motivation you create a big advantage and that is that you actually feel good while being productive.
I started to commit to the challenge of writing 1,000 words a day for the next 366 days (2024) and I was and still am feeling good while writing. Feeling good while doing productive work gives you the motivation to do more of what feels good. Hence, by being productive you not only achieve your goals but you feel great doing so. This is one of the biggest things I have learned about productivity last year, especially through the incredible content from Ali Abdaal and his team.
We can see where this concept of „Feel good productivity“ (The great title for Alis book.) comes from by looking on how Ali and I myself define productivity:

Productivity is about doing more of what matters, and less of what doesn’t.

When we do more of the things that actually matter to us we can find reasonable change in our own happiness. If you have to study for an exam and you want to succeed at either school or university the exam is something that matters to you. When now sitting down to study for the exam you afterwards feel way better because you spend time on the things you care about.

We can see that productivity is something that helps us doing what we care about and not essentially _just_doing more. I myself like the idea of reflecting on this process day by day and I hope I see you again tomorrow when we learn about the next great thing from the 30 Day Productivity Challenge.

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