👨‍🎓About me

I am a 17 year old high school student from Germany and besides focusing on my studies I share my interest in physics, math, astronomy and more with the world over social media platforms such as YouTube 🎥 and Instagram 📸.

✍️Current Work

Designer sketching Wireframes
I am currently studying for my A-level exams here at a german high school. Although the studying takes up quite a lot of time I try to share as much knowledge and inspiration about math, physics and astronomy as I can. In some sense, I use the “breaks” in my studies, to do studying on math and more.

🎥Why YouTube ?

Trying to create content on YouTube is far from easy. It takes time and persistence to keep going and keep working since the start can be very hard because you tend to not get many views. I have tried a lot of different categories on this platform ranging from trick-shots, over gaming all the way to videos about mathematics using the wonderful python library by 3Blue1Brown.

With newly gained inspiration and motivation I started again and it made me realize that sharing inspiration and knowledge is far more important than gaining views or followers.

📸 Why Instagram?

Pillars of Creation by the Hubble Space Telescope
Pillars of Creation by the Hubble Space Telescope

After discovering the huge branch of astronomy and astrophysics I was amazed by the scientific complexity and the beauty of the night sky. I started to learn more and more about telescopes, behaviour of astronomical objects such as stars or black holes and even the mathematical complexity of space.

Due the motivation my girlfriend provided I started to share my knowledge with the world by starting a daily format named "Astronomy picture of the day" (APOTD) on my Instagram account where I share a new astronomical image everyday teaching about the shown object and giving insides on it's complexity and bevaviour. After nearly a hole year of learning, teaching and sharing I was able to gain an audience of 121k followers countinuing to grow.

Other Stuff

  1. ✍️ Besides sharing knowledge on Instagram and YouTube I also write a weekly newsletter where I talk about astronomy, physics, math and sometimes about myself.
  2. 💪 After long days of studying and working it's always nice to get your head of things. I do it this by going to the gym with friends and family or going on the golf course with my brother where we play our own little tournaments.
  3. 📚 In the early days of my childhood I always thought that books are boring and that theres nothing to be obsessed about. But since the beginning of the year 2022 I absolutely fell in love with reading because it opens a complete new of learning and seeing the world. My favourite genre currently are self improvement, math and astronomy but I am looking forward to broadening my reading horizon.