🌅 Day 17: Daily Actions

🌅 Day 17: Daily Actions

Welcome back to the 30-Day Productivity Challenge by the famous YouTuber, former doctor and now writer Ali Abdaal. 

“Success is the product of daily habits — not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”
James Clear

🌅 Daily Actions

Productivity doesn’t come from one single step you take at one single moment but rather from the summation of tiny little changes over a chunk of time. This is what James Clear has written a wonderful book about, which is called “Atomic Habits”. The main takeaway from this book for me was that at every moment, you have the decision to be better than who you were yesterday.

By asking yourself what this better version of you could look like, you create a sense of who you want to be right now.

And then just be that person!

The important thing, however, is not stepping too far for one single day. Take a step back and ask yourself this: How could I make a slight improvement? How can I be a little better?

If you do this every day for the next 10 years, you will see some big results. Productivity isn’t about getting instant rewards, but about improving every single day in your lifetime. Be the best of yourself, but be subtle. Try to see the little things that you could do better every day, and then do so!

When Stephen King sat down to write he didn’t just do it for one day, but he did it for every day over decades. This is what made him a bestselling author. The success didn’t come from taking one single action, but from taking daily actions for every single day!

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