Genius - Steve Jobs

Genius - Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

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i have just recently finished reading the authorised biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson and it was one of the most authentic, brilliant and best biographies I have ever read. Steve Jobs was one of the most revolutionary persons in all of human history. He made astonishing contributions to the world of computers, mobile phones, animation movies and much more. He is often considered to be the most influencing human ever alive.

The funny thing is that Jobs never said from himself that he was intelligent or special. After all he was a college dropout who was trying to find something that would give his and the lives of many others a meaning. It was his intuition for knowing what the world needs before the world has heard about it. Combined with his wonderful power of imagination and creativity he was destined to create something which would change the world.

Besides heavily recommending his biography I today and next week want to share five lessons (two today) which I have taken from the book.

💸 Don't work for money, but for inspiration

Often in live we measure ourselves by socially attractive metrics like wealthiness, intelligence, bodycount, weight, grades and much more. The general act of comparing ourselves to all others out there makes us feel incredible small and unreasonable. Although this is fairly the correct answer it is not the metric you want to live by. Having better grades then your best friend, making more money and such things doesn't make yourself a better person. Happiness just doesn't work that way.

Steve Jobs was a massively successful person. He managed, with the help of Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple, to build up the most successful company in human history from the garage of his parents. But in all these years of his journey he never once approached his company as something he wanted to make money with. He always was inspired by creating products of the future where people do not even know that they need them.

He was inspired by creating a fully custom end to end system which was highly fine tuned from the smallest piece of hardware to the smallest piece of software. It was the act of inspiration which made im such a revolutionary person and which as a side-effect caused him to become rich. But after all, it was still a side-effect. He always believed in the mission of Apple or PIXAR even when they had failed a few times. Steve Jobs himself was highly convinced by his ideas and didn't let him or his company fall done by the idea of creating something only to become wealthy.

This not only teaches us a beautiful lesson about work and inspiration but about creativity and happiness. Happiness isn't something you get from just working for money but something you get from doing what you love and what you think is going to change the world because this gives you and maybe the world fulfilment.

❌ See Failure As An Opportunity

As successful Steve Jobs might seemed at the end of his life, we have to remember that he would have never achieved his astonishing results when not failing on the way. Failing made him reproach his situation, reconsider his mindset and recompose his social life. As often said, failure is a part of the journey, without it you can never reach your desired destination.

Steve Jobs failed multiple times in his life including failing products and failed product presentations. One of the biggest of all probably was his failing at Apple when he was fired from his own company back in the year 1985. Although he does not consider this a failure by himself but by the Apple board instead, Steve Jobs learned a very valuable lesson on the way. The last few months before he got fired he felt into the mindset of making money instead of focusing on creating extraordinary and revolutionary products.

When he left Apple he took his failure as an opportunity. He created a second computer company called Next which later was bought by Apple since it brought the company the revolutionary user interface (UI) which it has today. Steve Jobs used his time off from Apple going back to the base line, trying out new things, developing new passions and creating new world changing products.

After failing he managed to push himself forward and from all the stress he managed to once again release astonishing computer products but also revolutionize the animation industry with his animation company called PIXAR.

So don't see failure as a loose of time but as a act of learning in order to fill your life with new entitlement conducted from your new found pathways.

I wish you all the best and see you on sunday ...👋


Victor Thierling (@observethecosmos)

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✍️ Quote of the week

"Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith."

-Steve Jobs

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