What is the meaning of existence?

What is the meaning of existence?

What is life?

Over the course of time, I have always questioned the meaning of existence after all. The systematic approach might be that humans have their purpose in finding the true nature of reality. And in general, I fall under this argument since I find that the advancement of science is the only way to find a true answer to the physical behaviour, the existence of humankind and the formation of our universe. Let’s hypothetically say that we found out how everything in the universe behaves and that there is a general connection between the Standard Model, Quantum Gravity and General Relativity. Does this change the meaning of humanity and our understanding of the observable universe?

Artistic representation of the Standard Model by Quanta Magazine

Of course, it does since it explains how everything around us, including ourselves, evolved and behaved for over 13.8 billion years. But after all the question of the meaning of life stays the same. Sadly but truly all biochemical systems eventually undergo the process we describe in medicine as loss of homeostasis. This is just the unchangeable process of losing the general act of consciousness and body functions over the course of time. We as humans are ruled by the laws of nature and we cannot, as the knowledge states today at the end of 2022, take a second way in order to live forever.

In general, we are controlled by the laws of nature which we can identify using the methods of modern science and technology but there still stay interchangeable. And that’s what sticks to the equivalent existence of all life. All living matter has to find meaning in their time of existence in order to succeed at their eventual goal. The question of what that goal is is the more tricky question to find. We can give some generality with the help of biology which states that most living species follow the purpose of multiplying themselves in order to precisely contribute to their own goal of evolving as a species. Biologists say that this states as the only goal for humanity but religious, psychologists and many more have different opinions on the purpose of life which shows that this is a question which cannot be answered with general certainty but with reliability on one own personal meaning and judgment on the existence of everything.

Artistic Representation of Psychology

The contribution of physics, biology, medicine and many many more was the breaking point in the history of humankind. It made an incredible impact on the evolution and the future outcome of the human species. It’s not only about the advancement of physical fields like quantum mechanics and more but about technology and evolutionary accomplishment. Until the 17th hundreds of people who read all the existing books existed. Due to the astonishing advancement in the field of technology and science millions and billions of books could be written and printed. The industrial era made the most substantial impact on the existence of mankind. It revolutionised our way of thinking and our understanding of the universe.

In conclusion, we can summarise that the meaning of existence tells a completely relative story every individual has to choose for himself. Of course sciences such as maths, physics or biology can help us find an answer to what is life made of and where it comes from, but it can not solve the answer of its meaning since this is and stays an opinion which every one of us has to decide on their own.

And of course, there’s much more to say about this complex question but it would get way too long for a weekly newsletter. I would like to hear your opinion in the comment section and I will see you next week…

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