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Sharing the passion of mathematics to the whole world.

On my YouTube Channel we together dive down the roots of mathematics exploring different categories such as Calculus, Infinity, Complex Analysis, the beauty of geometric proofs and much more. Learn more about why I started to make YouTube videos by looking at my About Page.

Recent Uploads

The World of Complex Analysis: Complex Numbers I #1

Embark on a fascinating journey through the depths of Complex Analysis. Get ready to uncover the hidden secrets of complex functions, understand the power of holomorphic functions, and broaden your mathematical knowledge. Join me and explore the beauty, elegance, and utility of Complex Analysis, and gain new insights into mathematics and its applications. This first episode covers most of the basics but be ready to dive into the details very soon...

The true nature of e (Euler's number)

What is e, what is a derivative and why are exponentials proportional to their own derivative? We find the answers to these question by finding visual and algebraic evidence in order to gain more mathematical intuition for any problem. Dive down the roots and beauty of calculus and learn what it has to do with 2.7182...

Beyond infinity, a introduction to paradoxes of infinity

When thinking about infinity most people fell frightened and find the topic irrelevant because it describes a non real world. But with the help of several scientists and especially mathematicians we have found out that infinity takes place in our everyday lives. What I am trying to show you today is that even the knowledge of infinity today lacks at some places and brings its paradoxes with it. So sit back, relax and find something out about paradoxes at the highest amount of any system.

irrational^irrational = rational

When thinking about irrational numbers, most people cant imagine what there are and what it means for a number to be irrational. This video presents a beautiful proof, concluded from the law of the excluded middle, on how to think about the power of two irrational powers.

I am just starting my journey but I am looking forward to creating more professional math content in the future...

Victor xx