Acknowledge the importance of the people you love

Acknowledge the importance of the people you love
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I hope this issue of "Fridays Findings" finds you well. Today, I like to talk to you about how important the people you love and aspire. This week has massively shown me how crucial socialisation in our life is and that's why it is the topic of this week's Friday'sthat's Findings episode.

šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø The Problem at Hand

After a vacation that was more arduous than enjoyable due to pressuring and slightly traumatizing family experiences, I felt significantly excluded from the individuals I had looked up to, leaving me with a pervasive sense of isolation. Being alone in a world teeming with people was never a personal issue for me, as I've always been an introverted person, not in the traditional sense of introversion, but rather in my own way. I excel at engaging with people and being open, but often, I don't truly reveal my authentic self while doing so. I was raised to be considerate and caring, and I cherish that part of my personality, but in many instances, I still felt a profound sense of loneliness.

Following that vacation and having to be self-sufficient and focus on what truly matters, I also fell ill. I believe this ailment was partly a consequence of the traumatizing experience, as I felt my body undergoing tremendous strain due to the mentally taxing situation. It's common during such times for your own biological machine, which is your body, to experience some failures due to challenging psychological conditions.

In this period of grief, pain, and trauma, I regressed into old habits. I spent a significant amount of time binge-watching instead of reading, consuming caffeine excessively, and maintaining poor nutrition. Deep down, I recognized that my actions were detrimental to my well-being, potentially exacerbating the toll on my body, but I felt ensnared in a mindset that resisted change ā€“ it seemed I was already lost.

šŸ’„ The Transformative Power of Loved Ones

It was precisely at this low point that I received the help I needed most from my family and my girlfriend. They recognized my struggles and extended unwavering support. Their love and understanding, coupled with their gentle yet resolute encouragement, gradually liberated me from the negative cycle in which I had become ensnared. Their presence and care made me understand that I wasn't alone in this battle and that I didn't have to face it all by myself. With their assistance, I embarked on the journey to regain my physical and mental well-being, one step at a time.

Reflecting on this experience served as a stark reminder of the profound impact our loved ones can have during our most challenging moments. It underscored the significance of not only being there for our family and friends during their difficult times but also allowing them to be there for us.

During times of adversity when life seems like an uphill struggle, the support and love of those closest to us can be the guiding light that leads us back to a place of strength and resilience. It's a compelling testament to the power of human connections and the remarkable capacity for compassion and understanding within our relationships. So, my advice to all of you, dear readers, is to cherish and nurture those bonds, particularly when life becomes difficult, for they can be your lifeline in the stormiest of seas.


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āœļø Quote of the week

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love."
-Hubert H. Humphrey

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