Living in the present

Living in the present
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👋 Hey Friends!

I hope this issue of "Fridays Findings" finds you well. Today, I want to share a personal journey that has been profoundly transformative for me—learning to live in the present.

🤷‍♀️ The Problem

As a student with a deep passion for astronomy, coding, math, physics, and philosophy, it's easy to get lost in the worlds of theoretical knowledge and complex equations. Yet, in the pursuit of these intellectual pursuits, I often found myself living in the past or the future. I'd reflect on missed opportunities or worry about what lay ahead, and this habit took away from the beauty of the here and now.

🏎️ Inspiration

So, how did I begin my journey to living in the present? I found inspiration in Formula 1. This high-speed, high-stakes sport teaches us a valuable lesson about being present. In the heat of a race, the drivers must focus entirely on the moment. A split-second distraction can lead to disastrous consequences. Watching Formula 1 made me realize the power of being in the now, of giving full attention to the present task.

⏰ What does help?

Incorporating mindfulness techniques into my daily routine was another pivotal step. Meditation and simple mindfulness exercises helped me become more aware of my thoughts and emotions and allowed me to ground myself in the present. I also found solace in reading, as literature often serves as a gateway to understanding human experiences, past and present.

My personal studies in philosophy brought another layer to this journey. Philosophers have long pondered the nature of time, existence, and the self. Through their writings, I explored various perspectives on the present moment. Whether it was Marcus Aurelius's idea of not letting the future disturb us or Eastern philosophies like Zen Buddhism, these teachings offered a deeper understanding of how to embrace the now.

🧑‍💻 Make it a habit

I must admit that learning to live in the present is an ongoing process, and I still find myself drifting into the past or future. But these experiences have taught me that life truly happens in the present moment. It's where we find joy, meaning, and connection. Whether you're gazing at the stars, writing code, or delving into the mysteries of the universe, remember to be fully present.

Thank you for joining me in this exploration of living in the present. I'd love to hear about your own experiences and insights. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. Until next week, stay present and keep exploring the fascinating world of knowledge!

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Thanks again and I'll see you soon.

Victor (@observethecosmos)

✍️ Quote of the week

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the 'now' the primary focus of your life."
-Eckhart Tolle

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