๐Ÿง  How writing changes your brain

๐Ÿง  How writing changes your brain
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๐Ÿ‘‹ Introduction

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Today I want to tell you about how writing changes your brain. It is an aggressive title, I know but it's more than reasonable to consider trying out the idea since the now presented method of learning, creating and sharing not only applies to the endlessness of space but to every other field or content your are interested in or of which you want to share your thoughts.

The usual mindset of writing is pretty negative and this mostly follows from the strict arrangements in high school or university. Most of the times you have learned about something which you are not really interested in and you have to write an essay about it. Since it doesn't interest you, your only goal is to achieve a good grade and not get value from the research or the writing process itself.

๐Ÿงช The Biology Essay

I felt the same within my first years of high school. The topics mostly relied on general predetermined intuition and not required any creative thinking or curiosity. But this changed when my biology teacher gave us an assignment of writing an essay about the immune system. It required systematic research and creative thinking in terms of finding the write words or trustworthy resources since he didn't provide us with any specific background knowledge.

What I learned along the way wasn't just how some pieces of our immune system are build up and establish a system that can provide an astonishing level of protection for several kinds of attacks but also how to think, write and share. I needed to figure out how to research, how to formulate well and how to connect a reasonable structure in order to provide a valuable "research" paper as expected.

For any of your interested here is the original version of the paper that I wrote back in 9th grade. (It's in german.)

๐Ÿง  Writing changes your brain

The process of writing taught me everything from researching, over learning how to focus your self and even about the writing process itself. It encouraged me to really put my head around it because at the end of the day I had to deliver a paper written in my own words finding an answer on why some people react allergic to peanuts and some don't.

But of course the subject really doesn't matter. It's just an example how writing because of curiosity and actual interest is a wonderful technique when not even the best way of consuming and learning new knowledge that you pick up over the course of time.

If something fascinates, interests or encourages you, write about it!

Another personal experience can prove this. In spring 2022 I started my Instagram Account writing about astronomy with absolutely no background in the field, I just started to write about it because I wanted to share my own personal passion about the universe.

โœ Write Consistently ๏ธ

Over the course of time I was picking up knowledge about astrophysicist, astronomy, mathematics and even philosophy because I was writing about these topics literally everyday. Not just did it help me to memorize and receive tons of knowledge over a short period of time but I was also learning how to write things people actually read, how you get attention and how to share your personal preferences, experience and wisdom with the people around us.

The time writing everyday really showed me how to express your thoughts well and how to support your opinion with sufficient arguments. Besides that I also learned more and more how to write in English, not my foreign language, and I gained about 80 thousand followers and 2.000.000 monthly readers and viewers of my channel on the way.

What we see is that writing isn't just that boring thing you had to do in high school and university you needed to do but a wonderful way of receiving knowledge, sharing your thoughts with the world and inspiring other people about the things you like. Writing is a wonderful thing and if you find something you love writing about it can change the life of yourself the same way as it did mine.

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