1 Finding that truly made me happy this year

1 Finding that truly made me happy this year
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forming this newsletter from a deep dive channel of optimistic science highlighting new things in astronomy and physics to a deeply personal newsletter where I will be talking about my life and the human I am, is probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.

It is hard to be fully transparent online since what you write and what you share will give the people out there a very deep look into your own personality but that's what I want. I want to share my life, my feelings and my mistakes with you in order to learn from them with you together. Welcome to Fridays Findings where we share and talk about what has most influential changed the way I approach life and what you can take away from it.

Talking about happiness is probably one of the hardest things you can do these days. Open transparency to other people is often discouraged through the belief that we as individualists are dawned to deal with our problems or our happiness on our own. Think about it. When was the last time you told someone else you were feeling sorrowful or even happy? When was the last time you went up to someone who told you a great thing and you told them that this encouraged you and that you really liked what they told you?

Those things, those simple acts of opening up to the people around you or showing this little sense of kindness through empathetic reactions are what is, in my sense, a little loss in Western society. We tend to forget that (Eight billion) other people are living on this same planet as we do, having problems on their own. Sharing, talking and encouraging others to be transparent is not needed. Everybody is allowed to do whatever they want with the thoughts they own. But I am here today to tell you about one thing that truly made me happy.

Meeting new people and trying out new things

To this day about one year ago I watched a theatre play performed at my high school here in town named "Vorsicht Trinkwasser" ("Don't Drink the Water"). I was amazed by the perfection and the greatness of acting portrayed on that little stage in my little town. This must probably be amazing. Standing on that stage, being applauded and performing a such high comedy piece of work with your friends. I must have thought to myself, because not much after I signed up to audition and participate in the next upcoming theatre play.

With me, there were a lot of other people arriving at the first meet-up for the new theatre play. The piece of work we intended to perform was a comedy named "Noises Off! β€“ Der nackte Wahnsinn". It was brilliant to practice this incredible piece of work over the course of more than half a year.

The final stages of practice before the big night were intense since we needed to study the play and practice over and over again because of its sheer complexity. But this only combined us as a group. Playing with such passion, devotion and love opened me up to a lot of things in life as I discovered that theatre and more playing theatre was a thing that I loved and liked. The lesson here probably is that trying out things can change how you look at the world and make your life feel more worthy.

But this is not the only thing that made me think that playing theatre was one of the single best decisions in my life. In the midst of rehearsals for the play "Noises Off! – Der nackte Wahnsinn," I met two remarkable individuals. The bond formed during those intense practice sessions grew into deep friendships, grounded in our shared passion for theatre. Their warmth and genuine support enriched my life in ways words can hardly capture. The experience taught me that embracing new endeavours and connecting with like-minded people can truly transform one's perspective, making life feel more meaningful. Today, I am immensely thankful for these beautiful connections and the shared love for both the arts and more.

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